Mexico Man Builds Secret Tunnel to His Lover’s House, Gets Caught by Her Husband

“All is fair in love and war” — this is widely used to justify the over the top measures people take when they love or hate someone passionately. In the list of bizarre things that people do for love, a man in Mexico constructed a tunnel that was joined to his lover’s home from his home.a close up of a stone building: Mexico Man Builds Secret Tunnel to His Lover's House, Gets Caught by Her Husband© Provided by News18 Mexico Man Builds Secret Tunnel to His Lover’s House, Gets Caught by Her Husband

But unlike the Ukraine’s green tunnel of love, this was an underground tunnel made by the bricklayer lover. The two lovers were cheating on their respective spouses to be with each other.

All was going well for the couple who were neighbours living in Mexico’s Villa del Prado neighbourhood. The lovers are named Pamela and Alberto, as per the local media reports and their homes are in the Tijuana city.

However, the secret love affair ended when the husband of the man’s lover discovered the tunnel that was right beneath the couch at his home, reported Daily Mail.  The two got caught in the act by Pamela’s husband Jorge, who came home from work earlier one day. The husband was able to spot Alberto behind the couch, after failing to find him under the bed. However, Jorge’s suspicions went further high when Alberto disappeared from behind the couch. The husband discovered a hole in the floor behind the couch. Jorge decided to get to the bottom of this thing by going inside the tunnel. It led Jorge to the ‘lovers’ tunnel’ which Alberto had been using to meet Pamela.

This made Jorge furious who entered Alberto’s home and started shouting when the latter’s wife was sleeping. Reportedly, the cheating husband tried to plead with Jorge to leave because he did not want his wife to know about his affair with Pamela.

However, an angry Jorge refused to leave Alberto’s home and spilled the beans in front of the latter’s wife. This led to a fight between the two men in Alberto’s home. Finally, police had to intervene and stop the fight by taking Alberto away.

A person reacting to the news quipped, “Mexico is generally known for their tunnels.. Ask El Chapo.”

The 63-year-old drug lord El Chapo is known for operating his business by building tunnels in the Tijuana city of Baja California, Mexico which was at the US-Mexico border. He was found guilty of several criminal charges and is serving his time at the US federal prison, ADX Florence.

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