Neon love: 3 times Janhvi Kapoor dressed in fluorescent outfits!

Just a happy diva wearing a super bright shade! Take cues cause this shade is absolutely here to stay.

Neon love: 3 times Janhvi Kapoor dressed in fluorescent outfits!

We’ve been obsessed with neon for a while now. The fashion circuit has been buzzing with this shade which came in the limelight towards the end of last year and honestly hasn’t left our minds. Every other day we’d go back into our archives and see the different ways that celebrities have styled the colour and there’s new information to find out every single time. Every celeb will always add a little bit of their personality to this shade and also show us how truly versatile this colour really is. 

So today’s fashion lesson on wearing fluorescent lime green featuring Janhvi Kapoor. 

This was the first time we noticed her wearing this shade. This was also the most recent look. If you’re unsure about wearing the shade, this is perfect for you. she’s worn a cut-up, cropped sweatshirt with an entirely white outfit. But Janhvi is anything but safe, hence she finished the look with holographic pumps. 

Going slightly deeper into her fashion archives brought us to this look. Now, THIS is how you make a statement with the neon shade. Just a solid coloured organza gown with corset detail. We love how her makeup is muted but she’s glowing with highlighter. So the gown is fluorescent and she’s effervescent. This is a common thing we’ve noticed with various celebrities being styled in neon, their accessories and makeup are extremely muted. As they should be. 

Finally, sticking to her roots she wore this neon lehenga showing us how this colour doesn’t really have any limitations and would look as great in an Indian ensemble WITH gold. 

With this shade, the sky is seriously the limit. What’s your take on these looks? Which one do you like the best?

Courtesy – Pinkvilla

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